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Speereo Voice Organizer

Manage your personal information and send e-mails using only voice commands with our Stylus Free Concept! Feel free on your way - it finds and dials numbers, writes e-mails and reminds you of your schedule exactly according to your voice commands! The only goal of this product is to simplify and expedite most repeated and annoying Pocket PC operations. According to downloads/purchase rate we altogether did it. Moreover we do not stop on it, and all updates and upgrades are available free of charge. High quality context help, dynamic hints and powerful internet support help forwarding succesfull implementation of new conveniences into your life. We have neither famous name nor huge budgets to railroad our decision, that is why we just work industriously for making good products. Speereo Voice Organizer with state-of-the-art speech interface designed especially for Pocket PC provides the highest industry level of speech recognition even in a high ambient noise environment. High quality of our speech recognition technology is acknowledged by Best Software Pocket PC magazine 2003 award in speech recognition. This free award is held in well-deserved respect by all market participants. Main features: Advanced Voice Assistant (reminder, calendar, tasks): Set and check appointments, meetings, events and tasks using only voice commands. Plus your own voice comments on any event, task or person. For example: you need to appoint a business meeting, while your vis-a-vis is still online. Along with it you have to find a free spot in a rather loaded schedule and to remember before the meeting a number of high points (these high points require half page of writing). How much time would you need to do it with your present Organizer? Even if your transcriber works perfectly, dictating your own voice commentary is anyhow faster (according to our estimation the acceleration is about 450-700%). You might need this information only once - is it worth making a text for it? Free spot schedule search is done in our Organizer automatically. It is like speaking with a real secretary providing options for choice. We minuted and went with a fine-tooth comb over dozens of dialogs and chose the most fast and convenient ones. That is why many of our functions do not have the same look as by others: a better one! Do not let the old concepts eat your time! Voice prompts: record your own voice prompts on a task, event or a person and get it back at a necessary time. Dictate notes on just arosen task, when everything is still fresh in your mind. Or dictating notes on your impressions about an important person with whom you communicated on the move and to have a possibility of listening to them anytime. So many mistakes are being done without such a possibility! If you do not want to loose wonderful possibilities provided by life, if an image of a well-run man is a nice thing to you - then we did not waste our time creating Voice prompts. Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook: Easily synchronized with Microsoft Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks on your desktop PC. Especially designed for corporate users. You are not to convert into text all the voice comments. 95% of it - is your own info, all what is necessary to be presented to colleagues - is decerned and kept in text format. Our product does not break the customary business processes in your corporate system. We just release you from useless work. Stylus free: Record all you need by voice while en_route. Synchronize the organizer with your desktop pc at home or in the office and type it all at your own dictation. Notice: PocketPC converts hereat into an indispensable, truly personal implement. Experience shows that VO accumulates much more of valuable info than general pocket-books, simply because entering info is so convenient. Advanced search: Pronounce a name of the person you wish to find and get all it's data. Now you can easily bet on who is faster in finding info in hundreds of your contacts - you or a real secretary. There are no odd wins. Free time search: Find by voice a free spot in your schedule corresponding to your search criteria. Voice mail and dial: Mailing and dialing can get no easier. Select a person from your Contacts just by saying a name and send voice made mails or get the necessary number dialed. Let us compare the old and new way of dispatching. To send a text message obsoletely one needs: Trying to get a stylus, realizing that your second hand is busy holding a briefcase, put the briefcase down, get the stylus, press four buttons of menu, enter 7 letters for a name, correct one or two spelling errors, press three other menu enterings, enter using the stylus a message, overcoming spelling discernement errors and thinking on a shorter text version, press two other buttons... - aren't you tired already? Is your Pocket PC still attractive to you? In order to send our voice mail one needs pushing a record button three times and pronouncing several phrases on the move, driving a car or holding a baby's hand. It seems going without saying. We breathe life into your Pocket PC!
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Platform: Win CE / Pocket PC
Vendor: Titan Information Service
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